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entry: 13:00pm, program: 14:00 - 22:00pm

presale: 19 € (regular price) / 30 € (solidarity price, fee included)

Down by the River Festival #13


Berlin‘s most idyllic and relaxed indie open air is returning to the wild garden of ://about blank near Ostkreuz. As usual, plenty of discoveries await: new and excellent artists from the capital, exciting and experimental music from further away (Vienna! New York City! Bremen! Dresden!). While listening to the music, you can lounge among shady trees and outdoor bathtubs and enjoy
the family vibes. All that in a central location and for a moderate ticket price which still
hasn‘t yielded to the pressure of the omnipresent crises.
Founded in 2009, Down by the River Festival is known for its eclectic and open-minded
programme. Noisy guitars are followed by fluffy beats, sing-along tunes by sound
experiments. Global pop meets singer/songwriter meets post-punk. Hip newcomers and
discoveries mingle with scene favourites and indie veterans.

This year we are happy to present:

Albertine Sarges (dreamy groove pop/Berlin)

Anna Erhard (indie pop/Berlin)

Bella and the Bizarre (60s punk‘n‘roll/Berlin)

Die Fitten Titten (electro-punk performance/Vienna)

Double Deüce (antifolk/NYC)

Emperor X (noise folktronica/Berlin)

gránátèze (post-punk pop/Dresden)

OY (afro-future pop/Berlin)
secret act (experimental bedroom pop/Bremen)

Shybits (garage new wave/Berlin)


Come to listen, dance and hang out! One of the loveliest garden parties of the summer



Supported by Musicboard Berlin GmbH
Presented by: taz, ByteFM, rausgegangen, Digital in Berlin, Jungle World, amSTARt &
Fourtrack on Stage

Please note:
- the premises are largely wheelchair-accessible
- free entry for children under the age of 12
- under 18‘s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
- parents are responsible for their children
- children should wear hearing protection
- no photos/videos
- no dogs or other pets

There is no space for any kind of nationalism, racism, antisemitism. islamophobia, sexism,
ableism, homophobia or other forms of discrimination at the festival.

PHOTOSHOP_Stand02042024-nicht-final_dbtr_1cmyk_3cut7b (1).png
Das Bild zeigt die Wiener Band Die Fitten Titten. Fotograf:in ist Claudia Lomoschitz.

Is this a concert or a happening? Both, actually. Accompanied by sizzling beats and rave -synths, Die Fitten Titten (The Fit Tits) play their own games with language. They celebrate pleasure and poke fun at the art world. And since looks count, the feminist artist collective from Vienna performs in sometimes spectacular outfits and brings ornamental and scantily-clad boys on stage. Will the latter also dance at Down by the River? We don't know yet. In any case, it will be great fun, not just for the artschool crowd. More info

Die Fitten Titten

Das Bild zeigt die New York Band Double Deüce. Fotograf:in ist Joanna Kelly.

Double Deüce

Sibling duo Double Deüce is a product of the New York antifolk scene of the early 2000s,

a gathering place for creative weirdos wrapping absurdities, profanities and uncomfortable truths in sweet tunes.

Almost two decades after their debut,

Toby Goodshank, who also plays guitar with beloved top weirdos The Moldy Peaches,

and sister Angela Carlucci are putting out their second album "Fascinating Pieces for the Musical Home" on May 31st. And
they sound as quirky, funny and achingly beautiful as back in the day. A welcome balm for the crises-shaken soul.  More info

Bella and the Bizarre_1_by Eetu Oranen.jpeg

Bella Khan was born into rock‘n‘roll: Already as a little girl, the younger daughter of King
Khan and sister of Saba Lou (Down by the River 2018!) performed on stage as a back-up dancer. Nowadays, as singer and guitarist of her band Bella and the Bizarre, she dances at the front and proves to be
her father‘s daugther with her penchant for dirty, surf- and soul-infused garage punk rock, funky outfits and wild live performances. And with a voice whose

raspy energy, driven by a punchy guitar-bass-drums combo, commands full attention.

More info

Bella and the Bizarre

Das Bild zeigt die Berliner Band OY. Fotograf:in ist Roberta Sant Anna.

"World Wide We" is the title of the latest OY album. On it, singer Joy Frempong and drummer Macel Blatti aka Melodydreamer cover heavy issues like racism and exploitation. But you can feel the positive energy:

The Swiss-Ghanaian duo, based in Berlin, conjures
change and connection, while the light-footed

grooves and warm melodies of its afro beat-,
hip hop-, and jazz-infused avant pop carry you

towards the dancefloor and towards hope.
"Change – can it be a chance?" Yes, please!

More info


Das Bild zeigt die Berliner Musikerin Anna Erhard. Fotograf:in ist Noel Richter.

Since moving from Basel to Berlin, Anna Erhard, formerly in the Swiss folk band Serafyn,
has reinvented herself. Her second solo album "Campsite", once again recorded with

producer Pola Roy, pitches its tent in indie pop territory. However, it takes eventful cross-
country walks with lo-fi electronica, hip-hop grooves and rugged electric guitar, while

Erhard's vocals veer between laconic and

wistful, evoking a summer holiday which

doesn't go quite according to plan. But those holidays tend to be the ones to remember,

right? More info

Anna Erhard 

Das Bild zeigt die Berliner Band Shybits. Fotograf:in ist Matias Sauter-Morera.


Shybits are a perfect summer festival band:

They are loud, they are upbeat, their songs
make you want to jump around and sing along at

the top of your voice. Which is not saying
that the British-Australian-South-African trio,

which got together in Berlin in 2018, always

takes the easy route. The catchy, fuzzy power pop of

its debut album "Body Lotion"
incorporates elements of 90s slacker rock and surf

as well as new wave and post punk. But
each angular guitar line is balanced by an exuberant chorus. A second Shybits album is
already in the pipeline. New songs – yeah!

More info